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Servo IT Solutions joins the PSIA

Manila, Philippines – February 23, 2022 – Servo IT Solutions, a leading software development company primarily focused on the hotel/food industry is excited to join the Philippine Software Industry Association, or PSIA. Servo IT Solutions designs, builds, and innovates industry solutions for over 500 hotel and restaurant clients all over the country.

Servo IT Solutions, which offers hardware, software, and cloud technologies, proudly joins the Philippine Software Industry Association, PSIA, which represents major players and decision makers of top IT companies in the country. PSIA is known for providing its members the latest information on the best software development practices. Its members are software development companies working in government, corporate, education, and nonprofit agencies.

Stanley Sioteco, CEO of Servo IT Solutions, shared, “We are thrilled to be a part of PSIA, a diverse, dynamic association, founded in 1988, that has members from both the information technology and the knowledge industry.” Sioteco added, “At Servo IT Solutions, our main goal is to create industry solutions that will make our clients more competitive, more profitable, and using the latest trends and innovation. We also aim to provide our company partners with exposure to industry standards and access to resources and opportunities provided by PSIA.”

Sioteco shared that the company’s software development solutions are built to integrate hardware and software, and to work with 3rd party API’s. He noted, “Servo IT Solutions is dedicated to producing industry solutions to better equip our clients for the future with new technologies such as IoT, voice technology, cloud, and others”. Joining the PSIA is also in line with the recently developed 5-year plan of the company that will take Servo IT Solutions to greater heights in terms of product availability, scalability, and reliability.

“It’s never too early to join an association that represents an industry and provides members a chance to network”. Sioteco concluded, “PSIA also provides us exposure to government policies and initiatives, which we can use to align with our development plans. We also look forward to contributing to the organization in any way we can.”

About Servo IT Solutions

Servo IT Solutions is a leading software development company that provides software development and software technology services for SMEs. They specialize in designing and building software solutions for the hotel/food industry.

Servo IT Solutions provides both on-site and remote technical support services to its clients thru its support center at

About PSIA

The Philippine Software Industry Association is a non-stock, non-profit organization dedicated to driving the growth of the local IT industry in order to promote the Philippines as the preferred choice for software development services. The group is composed of 150 seasoned IT businesses that run the gamut in terms of size—from small and medium businesses to multinational enterprises—and enjoys dedicated governmental support from the Department of Science and Technology. Cognizant of the importance of diversity as a key factor in any organization’s strength, the PSIA also features prominent players and Filipino-owned companies from abroad.

Since its establishment in 1988, the PSIA has collaborated with the government in the creation of initiatives and policies geared towards accelerating the growth of the Philippine software industry, thereby boosting its competitiveness in the international software scene. Through this, the Philippines made its name in the global market as an attractive and highly competitive off-shoring location.

You may know more about PSIA by visiting their site at

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