Enables guests to streamline their experience with self-check-in and payment processing. Guests can conveniently create their own room keys using the Self Check-in kiosk at the hotel lobby. Integration with the Xenia Front Office System is required.

Streamline your access control with Electronic Lockset Integration. Generate and issue keys seamlessly from the Xenia Front Office System, and effortlessly generate reports to monitor key issuances, usage, and effectiveness. Enhance security and operational efficiency with this integrated solution.

Integrate seamlessly with our Asterisk-based PABX Integration. Enjoy personalized caller ID, automated wake-up calls, do not disturb features, and room charging capabilities. Enable auto-charging to the guest’s account for outbound calls with call accounting functionality.

Facilitate seamless connectivity with Wi-Fi Integration. Eliminate the need for expiring vouchers from the front desk, ensuring a frictionless experience. Enhance security with a guest network that is encapsulated, and exercise control by limiting speed, the number of devices, and the duration guests can connect to your Wi-Fi. Elevate your guest experience with this efficient and secure Integrated Wi-Fi solution.

Revolutionize guest experiences with our Hospitality TV. Effortlessly update promotions, communicate seamlessly with hotel services, provide convenience with on-screen balance and folio access, and embrace sustainability by minimizing printing costs.