About Us


To always deliver outstanding after-sales support, offer competitively-priced hardware products and continually develop relevant, up-to-date and user-friendly software solutions.


To be the most preferred IT Solutions provider in the Philippines specializing in hardware sales and software products for hotels and SMEs.

The hotel and tourism industry sells more than fancy rooms or good food. This industry is more about experience – the way a guest was treated, how the reservation was handled, how hospitable and relaxing the ambiance of stay was, how the itineraries and tours (if any) were efficiently arranged and organized, and most of all, how the over-all basic necessities were delivered, including the now indispensable Internet connection. To be able to deliver those positive experiences, you need to confidently rely on information systems that create an organized, orderly and efficient environment for your front desk and staff.

That’s why Servo IT Solutions exists. We have been in the forefront of delivering quality, reliable and consistent IT solutions for the hotel industry. In fact, we have a steadily growing number of clients due to referrals from our end-users themselves – a testament of their satisfaction with our products and services, and our inspiration to deliver quality hotel management systems and services all the time.

Servo IT Solutions has more than 100 hotel clients as of the middle of 2014. We have catered to as few as 8 to as many as 200 rooms in the last 10 years of delivering software products (Xenia Hotel Management System, Hermes Accounting System, iServe POS System, iKeep Housekeeping Module, iSell POS Retails System) and services (Website design and development, CCTV systems, VPN set-up, commercial-grade router-firewall, and first-class hotel WiFi systems). Through the years, we have extensively gathered and experienced the best practices of hoteliers all-over the archipelago, reaching hoteliers in the extreme north all the way down to the south.